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Quick and easy returns with BOX NOW lockers.

1. Select the size of your parcel

2. E-shop details

Return to e-shop:

3. Enter your details

On the next page you will find instructions for sending your parcel.

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What to do now?

  1. Your parcel ID ( ) is ready to be sent, make sure that your parcel is securely protected and fully sealed before proceeding with the next steps for return. if you want to, you can download the shipping label, but it is not necessary to stick it to the parcel. Please continue to next steps to return your parcel.
  2. Find your nearest locker
  3. Bring your parcel to the APM
  4. Input on the pin pad and press OK
  5. The door will automatically open. Put your parcel inside and close the door
  6. Now leave it on us. We will deliver your parcel ASAP.

How to contact us?

Call us at +359700 70744,
on Monday-Saturday from 8:00 to 22:00,
and on Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00
Or email us at [email protected]