BOX NOW List of Items Prohibited for Transportation

1. Narcotic, anesthetic, psychotropic and toxic substances.

2. Weapons, ammunition, pyrotechnic articles, explosives, flammable or other dangerous substances and articles.

3. Immoral articles (child pornography and the likes).

4. Articles which, by nature or packing thereof, may expose the life or health of postal officers or other persons to danger, or may soil or damage other postal parcels or postal equipment.

5. Religious materials of cults and organizations banned or unregistered in Bulgaria.

6. Movable cultural property unaccompanied by an issued authorization or certificate.

7. Excise goods and tobacco waste, the holding, moving, transportation, supply and sale of which are prohibited by the Excise Duties and Tax Warehouses Act.

8. Coins, banknotes, currency notes, traveler’s cheques, articles of value to the sender, platinum, gold or silver, whether manufactured or not, precious stones and any other valuables.

9. Fragile items that are not packed appropriately.

10. Activated bank cards.

11. Fixed and mobile phone cards.

12. Documents or items that are not reproducible (e.g., movies, videos of personal value, stamps, lottery tickets, etc.).

13. Perishable food products.

14. Plants.

15. Biological material.

16. Infectious, corrosive, and poisonous substances.

17. Animals.

18. Any other items whose transportation is prohibited by international treaties or organizations (such as IATA, ICAO etc.) and/or the provisions of EU and/or the national legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.